What we do

Our disk is a 90 cell plastic disk with a mechanical knock-out wheel. The disk uses vacuum to suck the seed to it, then it rotates and drops the seed down a seed tube into the ground.

The knock-out wheel rolls on the suction side of the disk to poke out any stuck canola, sesame seeds or debris that may get caught in the holes.

Without RRV
field without using R.R.V. Canola Disk
field with using R.R.V. Canola Disk
With RRV


R.R.V. canola disk
Canola Disk
R.R.V. Knockout Wheel
Knockout Wheel
R.R.V. Knockout Wheel assembly
Knockout Wheel Assembly
x2 R.R.V. max emerge 5 mini hopper screen
Max Emerge 5 Mini Hopper Screen
R.R.V. max emerge mini hopper screen
Max Emerge Mini Hopper Screen
R.R.V. wear strip
Wear Strip